peacock art painting

Long ago in a quaint village, there existed an ancient and beautiful rose garden. Every spring, the villagers would flock to the garden to sit among the overgrown foliage. Sweet scents filled the air while villagers roamed the grounds admiring the vibrant colors and luscious greenery. Each year, the garden coveted springtime for he knew the villagers would visit and declare their love for his roses.

One spring day, a handsome peacock appeared in the garden. Though the garden was not his home, he was delighted by the abundance of sweet fruit and beauty and decided to stay. As time went on, word of the peacock’s arrival traveled through the village and people from far and wide were drawn to the garden to admire the rich green and blue hues of the peacock’s features.

After some time, the garden grew jealous of the attention that the peacock had stolen from him and decided to grow his most spectacular, grand display. Overnight, there appeared hundreds of new blossoms in the garden - rich pink, red, and bright white roses stretched as far as the eye could see. The villagers walked the well-trodden paths in awe - admiring a bloom so incredible they forgot about the wandering peacock. In an effort to win back the town’s attention, the peacock puffed its chest and spread his feathers taller and wider than ever before.

In the years that followed, the garden and the peacock continued their struggle for the affection of the townspeople, each new spring bringing more vibrant and colorful displays. Legend has it that to this day the garden and the peacock continue to feud. Take a step into The Rose Garden to catch a glimpse of the ongoing battle…