• Fleur de Paradis cocktail served on a table with flower decoration
  • All In Good Tilth cocktail
  • April Showers cocktail served on a table decorated with roses

Our Story

When the world wearies, and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden. - Minnie Aumonier

We've perfected the modern apéritif

Experience the cocktail world of tomorrow at the enchanted downtown Phoenix escape known as The Rose Garden. With one of the finest mixologist imaginations in the region, every drink is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the lips.

At The Rose Garden, we offer you everything that belongs to a well-spent evening over perfectly tuned cocktails.

Located in the bustling southeast corner of First Avenue and Monroe, in the heart of Phoenix and its thriving metropolis nightlife scene, this unique cocktail bar is the place to be. Busy locals, clued-up visitors, and the international jet-set alike rendezvous in the desert for delicious drinks and chilled-out vibes in this truly magnificent setting.

For your end of workday aperitif–an oasis in the desert–your downtown ‘secret garden.

The Rose Garden is the perfect introduction to the classics. Like our opulent design concept, each of our seasonal, signature cocktails has a story to tell–and we want to share it with you. And, if you are feeling particularly peckish, The Rose Garden also serves both daily and late-night snacks.

Let your scenes bloom.

With our ever-changing menu tailored to cocktails, tapas, and of course you.

This trendy neighborhood spot is popular, so come early if you want to snag a group spot on our patio or cozy up in one of our corner booths, which provide a sequestered nook to sprout inspiring thoughts and conversations.

About us

Known for their unmistakable magic with previous concepts Sip Coffee & Beer and 36 Below, The Rose Garden is a continuation of everything owners Josh and Chiara Katz love; evergreen hospitality, opulent ambiance, delicious drinks, decadent conversations, and unforgettable experiences.

Pioneers in the modern southwest take on the traditional art of the aperitivo; The Rose Garden was inspired by an ancient folk tale of a flourishing, magical garden and her constant rival for attention with her feathery adversary and permanent inhabitant Penrose, the ornate peacock.

To step into The Rose Garden is to get a front-row seat to the fairytale and all the competing elements are woven from its origin story as they vie for your attention. With the intricate design of the bar itself, a somewhat lush ecosystem, and cocktails firmly rooted in the world of aromatics, herbs, and the plant kingdom, it's often hard to find the true protagonist here as every detail battles to ignite and entice your senses.

There may be many bars in Arizona, but none like this one. It's too much to describe, really. You'll have to see it for yourself – come and ascend to The Rose Garden.

And if you pay just enough attention, you might even catch the faint clacky train rattle sound of Penrose as he vibrates his tail feathers in delight at having you as his visitor.